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Haim Steinbach 9/8-10/28/2006

Installation Images:





List of Works:

3. "Untitled (ravioli cutter, pine cone, inker, inker)", 2006 H cm x L 111cm x W 25cm
4. "Untitled (dog chew, duck, pine cone, cat toy)", 2006 H cm x L 127cm x W 26cm
5. "Untitled (vase, vase, paper weight)", 2006 H cm x L 80cm x W 24cm
6. "Untitled (snowman, vase, Daluma)", 2006 H cm x L 108 cm x W 35.5 cm
7. "Untitled (rocks, bird)", 2006 H cm x L 136cm x W 36cm
8. "Untitled (vase, rock, rock, rock)", 2006 H cm x L117cm x W 26cm
9. "Untitled (ashtray, Mickey, inker, vessel)", 2006 H cm x L 157cm x W 30cm
10. "Untitled (inker, statuette, inker, container)", 2006 H cm x L 117cm x W 27cm
11. "Untitled (duct, vase, dog chew, dog chew)", 2006 H cm x L 160cm x W 33cm
12. "Untitled (container, spinning wheel, ball, fetch toy)", 2006 H cm x L 160cm x W 35.5cm
13. "go back", 2006 H cm x L 134cm x W 33cm
14. "Untitled (vase, mug, root)", 2006 H cm x L 136cm x W 31cm
15. "Untitled (skull, sculpture, figurine, baby toy, fruit bowl, grass, ball, statuette)", 2006 H 95.8cm x L 136.6cm x W 37.5cm
16. "River Elmo", 2006 H 106.8cm x L 121.1cm x W 37.5cm
17. "Untitled (rocks, sharpening stones, inkers, plumbs)", 2006 H 102cm x L 184.6cm x W 31cm
18. "Untitled (rocks, vase, goblet, mug, ducts)", 2006 H 110.4cm x L 172.6 x W 37.5cm
19. "Untitled (rock, fruit bowl, vase, root, pumpkins, horseman)", 2006 H 97.8 cm x L 152.6cm x W 42cm
20. "Untitled (teapot, statuette, dog chew, vase, corals, dog chew, bird)", 2006 H 87.8 cm x L 141.1cm x W 36cm
21. "Untitled (gate, containers, basket, wrappers, container, toy, figurine, toy, owl, Daluma, branch, chopsticks rests, musical instrument)", 2006 H 111.4 cm x L 195.6cm x W 34.5cm